The candidate for Mayor of the Marbella Town Hall, José Bernal, has announced this Wednesday that the PSOE will create in the next mandate a Department of Housing if he obtains the trust of the electorate to govern after the elections on May 28, from which the construction of 1,300 publicly promoted properties will be promoted to solve “one of the main problems that the residents of the municipality have.”

Bernal has pointed out that both the housing and sports facilities They will be a priority, and for this reason “we are going to reinforce these areas with the aim of alleviating the total abandonment that has occurred on the part of the Popular Party throughout these years.”

For her part, candidate number 6 on the PSOE list, Isabel Pérez, has indicated that “we have a great project to promote public promotion housing in Marbella and San Pedro and we are going to devote ourselves to responding to this demand, it is our commitment to the citizenry”.

“We understand that no young or old they have to see themselves in the obligation to leave our municipality due to the lack of housing alternatives”, Pérez pointed out, adding that “we have an elaborate structure and a renovating project to start up in this area”.

Pérez advocates diversifying the construction of real estate

“At the municipal level, nothing has been done,” he remarked, adding that “they have left everything in the hands of private initiative, important in this process, but it has already been seen that it is not enough”, for which he explained that it is necessary to “diversify in this matter, take municipal initiative and respond to citizens”.

Thus, it has clarified that the few houses that have been built in our municipality, of official protection (VPO), “have been made with private initiative through the sale of municipal land by the City Council, and without reflection on anything later, and it has already been seen that it has not worked, neither before nor now”, he declared.

The project includes prices between 87,500 and 129,500 euros

The PSOE has a project, drawn up and developed by two architecture studios, which contemplates a series of types of houses that will be offered for sale, for rent, rental with option to buy and any other means “that help us bring housing closer to people, with tax rebates and mediation with banks.”

The resulting prices are 87,500 euros for homes with 1 bedroom and a bathroom (50 square meters), 300 euros for rent; 105,000 euros for 2-bedroom homes (60 square meters), 350 euros for lease and 129,500 euros for 3-bedrooms (80 square meters), and 400 euros for rent.

Finally, Isabel Pérez recalled that a few weeks ago the Government of Spain approved a line of guarantees to facilitate the acquisition of the first homewhich will cover up to 20% of the mortgage loans of young people up to 35 years of age and families with dependent minor children.

These are measures aimed at young people and solvent families, who have the financial capacity to buy a home, but do not have the necessary savings to pay the down payment. “These are the policies that we implement from the PSOE in terms of housing to make life easier for citizens,” explained the candidate for Marbella.

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