The general secretary of the Andalusian PSOE, Juan Espadas, announced this Tuesday that the socialists of Marbella are going to appear in the case of the National High Court (AN), which is supposedly related to the husband of the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, “to have first-hand statements of those who in the next few days are going to explain what has happened”, pointing out that there are still “no explanations” in this regard.

This has been indicated this Tuesday by Swords in Malaga, questioned by journalists before participating in an act with mayors of more than 50,000 inhabitants of Andalusia; considering that “the neighbors deserve it and we hope that the precise explanations will be givenwhich is what we are asking for from a political point of view”, as published by Europa Press.

He has noted that “It generates great concern and significant pain that Marbella is once again in the news by a court report in which an indictment by a judge of the High Court marks a truly grotesque and very serious reality, such as the -alleged- commission of drug trafficking crimes, money laundering and others, and that all this comes surrounded by relationships with institutions or with the City Council itself”.

For the socialist leader, the president of the regional Executive and president of the PP-A, Juanma Moreno, and the mayor herself “they should not waste another minute explaining to the neighbors and to all Andalusians really what is happening and what has happened; answer clearly and emphatically: Are there or are there not cases of corruption linked to the management of the Marbella City Council that have some relationship with that network of companies and interests that we are learning about from the information in that indictment?

For his part, the spokesman for the PSOE of Marbella, José Bernal, announced this Tuesday that the formation has requested the City Council the “award records” of works to the company Codecosollinked in the case investigated by the AN to the alleged “front man” of the mayor’s stepson.

This was highlighted by Bernal when asked by journalists after the information published this week by, which points to the award by the Consistory of up to five works -three of them by procedure negotiated with publicity between 2011 and 2013-, and that the deputy mayor of San Pedro, and at that time councilor for Works, Javier García, recognized yesterday, Monday, alleging the legality of the procedures.

In addition, the digital has published this Tuesday the eexistence of some e-mails that presumably link the councilor’s husband, Swedish businessman Lars Broberg, in one of the awards, who is “prosecuted” in the case investigated by the AN for the alleged “belonging to a criminal organization” and “money laundering”, and which is allegedly led by his son, Joakim Broberg, according to the indictment.

As for the email thread -which the PSOE contributed in a complaint that it filed in 2017 upon receiving them from an anonymous source and which the Prosecutor’s Office investigated, which was archived, according to the digital-, Bernal has highlighted that allegedly Lars Broberg “sends the mayor the budget of a work relative to the pavement of Manolete avenue. “Later we see that she is awarded to a company called Codecosol, which is headed by a figurehead of the stepson of the mayor, and son of the husband”, and that allegedly “He is part of the criminal drug trafficking organization in Europe.”

In this sense, the PSOE spokesman declared that from the municipal group “we have already requested the Marbella City Council to transfer all the files of these adjudications to the company Codecosol”, recalling that in the car “it is established as a company that is headed by a figurehead, the stepson of Ángeles Muñoz, and a company also used to launder money coming from drug trafficking”, supposedly.

The local representative has also requested “explanations by who has to give them”, referring to the president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, and the general coordinator of the PP at the national level, Elías Bendodo, noting that “They need to take action on the matter.”

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