The PSOE-A has announced this Tuesday that, once the Sierra Bermeja fire in the province of Malaga is extinguished, it will be time to ask the Andalusian Government for explanations in Parliament about the management of this incident.

“Now what has to be done is to complete the process of extinction and in this the PSOE will have a high view, but it will not evade its responsibility to, when the time comes, demand the rendering of accounts and responsibilities of the Board in parliamentary headquarters”, as stated at a press conference by the spokesman for the Presidency of the Socialist Group in Parliament, Mario Jiménez.

He recognized the “immediate response of the Government of Spain”, which “from the first minute made all the material and human resources available to the Board.” After defending that the central government is “turning” with Andalusia, Jiménez has indicated that the decision on the incorporation of the human and material resources of the State to the tasks of fighting the fire has been at all times of the Board.

After pointing out that today should be a day of “joy and satisfaction” because the fire has finally been controlled after six very hard days, Jiménez has had a memory for the deceased forest firefighter and has highlighted “the professionalism and effectiveness of the workers of the Infoca device, the UME and the emergency services ”. He has highlighted the essential and strategic value of a public service such as Infoca, in the face of those who intend to question the public services.

He stressed that “when the moment of truth has arrived”, Infoca professionals “have demonstrated their capacity for public service and sacrifice” and “have exposed those who wanted to question this essential public service.”

The socialist spokesman also wanted to “support the work of the mayors and councilors of the affected municipalities, for the work they have done, giving peace of mind to their people and leading them at a very difficult time.” In this sense, he has claimed that “the mayors should have been more listened to during these days” and has regretted “the insults” that the mayor of Genalguacil received from the president of the Malaga Provincial Council, Francisco Salado.

For this reason, Mario Jiménez has demanded that the PP-A and the Minister of the Presidency and president of the Malaga PP, Elías Bendodo, “say if they support the statements of Mr. Salado, when he has called the mayor of Genalguacil a liar, insulting a mayor that in the midst of such a complex situation he only demanded more resources for his municipality ”.

Likewise, Mario Jiménez has urged the PP-A to “reflect on the criticisms they made at the time” against the Junta de Andalucía during the Doñana fire in 2017. He has trusted that the Andalusians take note of the attitude of a ” responsible opposition ”such as that of the PSOE-A, which is well aware of the difficulties a government faces when an incident like this arises.

Thus, it has lamented the “demagoguery, manipulation, falsehood and low-level politics” with which the PP-A spoke when it was in opposition to “attack” the management that the Junta had to make of the fires that they flogged the community. He pointed out that the current Minister of Agriculture, Carmen Crespo, “dedicated herself to attacking” the Junta for the Doñana fire and even came to “disavow” the then Minister of the Interior, Juan Ignacio Zoido (PP), who publicly recognized the collaboration and support between administrations.

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