A moment of the meeting.

Set trained by Antonio Pernas he was much superior from the first bars of the game, dominating by more than a dozen points in the first quarter and close to twenty before passing through the changing rooms. The second half, especially in the defensive section, was not so favorable but the team showed to continue growing with the passage of the games

He started the game with a excellent defensive work of the pupils of Antonio Pernas that, together with the physical superiority in the zone that prevented the paterneras from looking for close shots, allowed them to look for quick options in attack. However, the good balance of Nou Paterna Basketball made it difficult to find the rim despite the best local game. It was not until Masià scored three consecutive triples (11-2, min. 5) that the score began to reflect the difference that could be seen on the court. The Valencian baskets forced Estopà to stop the game to try to readjust the game of his team and although at times he succeeded, scoring a 0-6 partial, a triple by Viegas broke this dynamic and gave wings again to the Costa del Sol offensive, leaving at the end of the first period with a thirteen-point lead (23-10) in the Pineda field.

The visiting team, who only traveled with nine players, saw how theirs needed to resort to personal to stop, mainly, the local interiors and the fouls of Garfella and Djiu weighed down the rotation of the team trained by Gloria Estopà. Rolle, with four consecutive points, began to add for the Costa del Sol. The Bahamas player was followed by Cases Rey, scoring the first basket in play on her 24th birthday, and a free kick by Fernández placed the score with the maximum difference so far (30-12, min. 13). At that moment, when the locals were better, two consecutive triples by Kovacevic and Germán forced Antonio Pernas to request a time-out (32-20 min. 15). Although the difference came down to eleven points, The good choral play of the CAB Estepona Jardín on the Costa del Sol allowed the team to rebuild and go to the changing rooms with the maximum so far: 42-23.

The visiting team achieved a partial 0-8 in the first two minutes of the game after the break, with the players of the Esteponero team erring in attack and far from their best version in defense, but they returned to enter the game. They never allowed the Nou Bàsquet Paterna to get less than ten points and the exterior-interior balance was more present than in other matches. The partial would be for the visitors, the only one who won (19-20), and the sensations were not the best, but still they were not being inferior to their rivals.

Fernández put the +20 on the electronic in the first possession of the last quarter, a difference that rose to 23 with Arfinengo’s second triple with the team (68-45, min. 32), which would be the biggest difference that would reflect the Pineda’s electronic mail. The game was resolved, despite remaining more than seven minutes, and it was noticeable on the floor. The locals gave the feeling of having more and those of Gloria Estopà, with hardly any rotation and with Garfella and Djiu being personal, continued to show their faces with dignity but without being able to reduce differences. The match ended with Cazorla, Vera Bolet and Okafor on the court, the latter scoring her first basket in the Women’s League Challenge on the horn at the end of the match: 79-59.

CAB Estepona 79 (23-19-19-18): García (0), Cases Rey (13), Masià (10), Pocek (14) and Rolle (12) -starting five- Okafor (2), Fernández (7), Cazorla (0), Vera Bolet (0), Stamenkovic (9), Viegas (6) and Arfinengo (6)Nou Paterna Basketball 59 (10-13-20-16): Martín (5), García (13), Kovacevic (14), Germán (10) and Garfella (0) -five starting- González (3), Djiu (10), Cuxart ( 0) and Conca (4)

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