The Quirónsalud Marbella Neurology Service incorporates new specialists and expands its portfolio of services. “The increase in life expectancy has led to an increase in the prevalence of neurological diseases such as dementia, stroke or Parkinson’s disease… Their statistics have grown exponentially and have led Neurology services to strengthen and delve into these fields “, explained the head of the Neurology Service at Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital, Dr. María Dolores Jiménez Hernández.

Jiménez has just joined the Marbella health center to lead the new care project of the Neurology Service. A new stage in which the expert will contribute her extensive experience as head of the Department of Neurology and Neurophysiology of the Virgen del Rocío University Hospitalconsidered one of the most qualified in public health.

In addition to its care profile, the nEurologist combines her teaching role as full professor at the University of Seville and plays a prominent role in the field of research, an area in which it has obtained important accreditations in the national six-year research agencies, research organizations such as ISCIII and the Progreso y Salud Foundation, and national and international scientific societies, explained Quirónsalud Marbella in a statement.

His arrival at the Neurology Service of the Hospital Quirónsalud Marbella means “the implementation of a care project aimed at excellence“.

“We have led to a significant increase in the number of professionals and the expansion of our portfolio of services with the increase in the healthcare offer with the aim of establish a protocol at different levels. In parallel, we have incorporated new diagnostic techniques (Doppler, Neurophysiology) and therapeutic techniques (nerve blocks, injection of botulinum toxin and specific treatments for neurological processes) that represent an enormous benefit in patient care”, highlighted Dr. María Dolores Jiménez Hernández .

As for its long-term prospects, the specialist announces the “consolidation of a structure at the highest level with the creation of monographic units and joint multidisciplinary teams with other Units and Services of the hospital”.

A few weeks ago, Dr. María Dolores Jiménez Hernández joined the Marbella hospital. A period of time in which the high human value of the team of specialists in charge, as well as his high qualification.

“The first quality of this Unity is the teamwork and the sense of belonging that service members they have with the Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital and Quirónsalud Málaga department. There is a network structure which is a great advantage for the patient who can benefit from the experience, specialization and excellence of the professionals of both centers. This program configures the broadest and most complete structure of private healthcare in our environment”.

Lastly, and related to the Most common reasons for consultation in the Neurology Service, patients with headache stand out and, increasingly, those with memory disorders. Citations related to degenerative problems such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple painful ailments are also notorious. For their part, among hospitalized patients, those affected by stroke stand out, among other complex neurological processes.

The Neurology Department includes in its portfolio of services new functional units that are already active and with open schedule for patient appointment.

These new areas are made up of several specialists and are dedicated exclusively to a specific ailment. Currently there are nine. These are the Headache Functional Unit, Dementia Functional Unit, Epilepsy Functional Unit, Multiple Sclerosis Functional Unit, Neuroimmunology and Neuro-oncology Functional Unit, Neuromuscular Functional Unit, Parkinson and Other Movement Disorders Functional Unit, Vascular Functional Unit and Functional Unit of Applied Neurophysiological Techniques.

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