The Pediatric Service of the Hospital Quirónsalud Marbella received this Tuesday a dozen students from the Vocational training module (FP) Higher Technician in Early Childhood Education who were accompanied by a teacher and her tutor at the educational center, Lidia Domínguez and Sebastián Palacios, respectively.

The visit has been organized by the Head of Nursing at the Marbella health center, Davinia Cantero, and one of the nurses in her department, Cari Centeno, who teaches the First Aid course at Edufy, the training center where they are studying. The itinerary has included the main areas related to Pediatrics: Emergencies, hospitalization and the Maternal-Infant Unit (made up of the delivery and neonatology care rooms).

“These visits are very enriching for the students because it is a Opportunity to see professionals in practice who work every day dedicated to the care of underage patients. It allows them to get out of classroom theory to get closer to reality, in this case of a hospital, and observe the specific care given to children in an environment far from home. It is very likely that in the future they will find themselves in situations similar to those that occur in a Pediatric Emergency waiting room or in the admission room,” explained nurse Centeno.

The itinerary began on the main floor of the Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital, where the emergency consultations. There the students have been able to observe the activity of the medical specialists.

Subsequently, the group of visitors has gone to the first floor to visit the child hospitalization zone and the area dedicated to childbirth care, as well as the Neonatology Unit, have indicated in a statement.

In this phase of the journey, the Head of the Pediatric Service, Adelaida Sánchez Bacallao, has offered you some useful advice. “Professionals who work with children, whether in a hospital or in a school, are aware that the little ones are outside their work environment and this situation generates insecurity in many of them at such an early age. Respect their time “It is especially important for building trust. Each child is different, their personality is different and as adults, we must know how to interpret it so that a bond of mutual collaboration is established”, the expert underlined.

After the doctor, the Head of the Midwives Unit, Bernardo Ruiz, took over to develop a theoretical-practical session in the area dedicated to low-intervention deliveries at the Marbella hospital. The development of the visit has been especially celebrated by the group of students and their trainers who have been grateful for the willingness of the management of the Hospital Quirónsalud Marbella to carry it out.

“It has been very interesting to be able to interact with the professionals and for the students to verify the consistency of the theoretical classes with the professional practice in this environment. I would also like to highlight the complicity of all hospital professionals (from different departments and ranks) who have devoted themselves to the visit and have had a very pleasant relationship with all of us”, declared the pedagogue Sebastián Palacios.

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