The rain has tarnished the Holy Monday procession tonight, where the Sacred Headlines of the Hermitage of Santo Cristo de la Veracruz have walked part of the streets of the upper neighborhood of marbella in the procession of Holy Week known as La Columna, and that the rainfall has forced them to return to the Holy Temple two hours earlier than expected.

“We cannot risk it” have been the words of the older brother of the Brotherhood of Santo Cristo de la Veracruz, Santo Cristo tied to the Column and María Santísima Virgen Blanca, Alberto Mendoza, minutes after the first drops fell, when the invocation of the Holy Christ tied to the Column had just left the penance station that took place in the Our Lady of the Incarnation Church after 10:10 p.m.

The bell tolls indicated the return to the hermitage from the Plaza de la Iglesiafrom where the men of the throne have rushed to shelter the new size from the rain before the resignation of the bearers, and with it the suspension of the processional step.

The procession left the Ermita del Santo Cristo after 8:30 p.m., where they processioned about 400 brothers and sisters to celebrate its 50th anniversary and that has developed normally until the first drops fall after 10:00 p.m.

What had been for the brothers a special output for procession “after two years and on the 50th anniversary” of the brotherhood, has ended up soaked in water due to the small showers that have fallen, but which have forced the collection of the images due to the risk that their exposure entails.

Until then, the output complexity has marked as every year the start of the processional procession when passing “the battery in the middle of the door”, which “makes the maneuver go to the millimeter”. The passage started at 8:30 p.m. from the Ermita del Santo Cristo and was opened by the Algatocín Drum Section.

The devotion of the attending public has begun with the departure from the throne of the Holy Christ tied to the Column, who has been accompanied by 42 bearers, 190 Nazarenes and 16 mantillas as the Marbella Musical Association passed by. As a novelty this year, the brotherhood premieres the throne of Christ, which is “entirely new”, as well as “the bell arch, the tulips, we premiered the scapular, the scepters or the horn cloths”, the older brother referred.

The Veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary It arrived minutes later with the departure of the second throne on the shoulders of 42 bearers, and accompanied by 200 Nazarenes, 16 mantillas and the drums and bugles of the Banda Las Flores de Málaga. At the head of the procession have taken place the saetas sung to the Sacred Holders by the participants of the contest organized by the Peña Sierra Blanca.

The procession of Holy Monday is rooted in the upper neighborhood of Marbella, which celebrates its 50th anniversary since “the first processional outing of the Christ of the Column”, has indicated Mendoza, a route characterized by the narrowness of the streets of the old quarter, which leaves unique images of the processional procession. The procession has gone down the Ancha street, has bordered by Remedios to Castillejos to reach the Church of Our Lady of the Incarnation, where the Penitence Station to ask for permission at 10:00 p.m., in which the Sacred Holders have entered through the main door of the holy temple to go out through the side, touring its interior. It was then that the first drops fell and the return of the pass was decisive.

This year it has not been possible to enjoy the difficulty involved in passing the thrones through “the corner of Lobatas street with Atarazanas”, where “pass to the millimeter”. The “funnel” that supposes “the descent of Aduar street”, which is another of the symbolic acts of Holy Monday when passing “skimming the balconies of the houses” through the lower area, and that for the brothers of the Brotherhood of Santo Cristo de la Veracruz, Santo Cristo tied to the Column and María Santísima Virgen Blanca “It is a restless journey for the throne butlers, but beautiful for our neighborhood, it is our hallmark”, the older brother remarked.

Mendoza has highlighted “the transfer of people” that has been experienced this Monday in the hermitage from early in the morning in the morning, emphasizing that there is “the desire to go out in procession and the nerves are on edge after being at home for two years” and that finally the rain has faded.

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