The autumn officially begins tomorrow, September 22, at 9:21 p.m., according to the National Astronomical Observatory, and makes its entrance accompanied by storms and rainfall that will start today and last for practically all week.

According to the forecast of the State Meteorological Agency, for today, Tuesday cloudy skies with storms and rains. Rainfall will continue for tomorrow Wednesday, Thursday and also Friday. Maximum temperatures will fluctuate between 25 and 28 degrees, and the meteorological situation will begin to stabilize on Saturday, a day for which slightly cloudy skies and a rising temperatures.

This meteorological instability could accelerate the definitive extinction of the Sierra Bermeja fire, on which INFOCA continues to work. Officially, the fire is controlled but not extinguished. Around fifty troops continue to work day and night to finish off the last hot spots that still persist in the enormous perimeter and interior of the affected area.

The rains could help to extinguish this fire, the worst in the history of the Costa del Sol and Valle del Genal, which has almost calcined 10,000 hectares and what has been charged a human life.

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