The Marbella Town Hall, Through the municipal Works delegation, it is completing the landscaping and functional remodeling of the Mateo Álvarez Gómez roundabout, at the intersection between Trapiche avenues and Cánovas del Castillo avenues, “which will make this roundabout one of the main entrance doors to the city, in a unique space ”, highlighted the mayor of the branch, Diego López. “The actions have had an execution period of three months and are in their final stretch,” said the mayor, who detailed that “we have given priority to sustainability to enhance and revitalize this enclave.”

The works have contemplated actions of earthworks, demolition, paving, irrigation, lighting and installation of letters and ornamental gardening. “We have worked on an area of ​​476 square meters to carry out a comprehensive remodeling of this important access point to Marbella,” said López, who has remarked “the creation of a plant space in which the planting of a tree stands out. -chorisia sculpture, of Argentine origin, with approximately 80 to 100 years of life, which has been acclimatized in a nursery in the province for 10 years and which happens to be one of the largest in the country ”.

“In this way, we are taking advantage of a traffic regulation element to create a large planter that will have 2,400 flower plantations and 174 shrubs, to which are added the tree-sculpture, a specimen of more than 10 meters high and that it has about 6 meters of trunk perimeter ”, said the councilor, who has indicated that the underground infrastructures of the roundabout, with different types of pipes “They made plantations unfeasible, something that we have managed to reverse by raising the planters.” “The works also include the installation of a sign with the name of Marbella, in steel and with a dimension of 9 meters long, which has been placed on a concrete wall so that it emerges directly from the seasonal flowers and will be illuminated by three projectors to welcome visitors and residents and revitalize one of the roundabouts with the highest vehicle traffic in the city ”, the mayor stressed.

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