The beach season has concluded normally in Casares and without serious mishaps on the beaches of Casares. The Rescue and First Aid service, which ended on Sunday, has dealt with a total of 428 incidents since it began operating in mid-June.

As in previous years, most of the attendances (376) have been related to jellyfish stings, in second place are small accidents that caused wounds, cuts or traumatological injuries with a total balance of 34 incidents.

In addition, in these months there have been other incidents such as eight insect bites, five wounds by hedgehog spikes, three burns and two allergic reactions.

Compared to last year, incidents on the beaches have been slightly reduced, specifically 72 fewer attendances have been recorded during the high season.

August, the month with the highest influx to the beaches, has also been the one with the most incidents recorded with a total of 225, in July 199 were recorded and the rest is distributed between June and the first days of September.

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