The community of owners of the Majadilla del Muerto and the Mijas water management company, Acosol, have signed an agreement for the dissemination to have drinking water and for which the latter will be in charge of the connection to a supply network in the dissemination with an investment of close to 1.4 million euros, as reported this Friday by the mayor, Josele González.

The councilor explained that it is “a historic agreement between the Majadilla del Muerto and Acosol, and in which the Mijas Town Hall we have been a link essential to facilitate that more than 230 owners can finally have drinking water after several decades of struggle”.

“For a long time, these neighbors have had to cover their day-to-day needs with water tanks, which they themselves have filled with vats”, detailed the mayor, present at the signs this agreement together with the Councilor for InfrastructuresJosé Carlos Martín and the CEO of Acosol, Carlos Cañavate, as well as the president of the Majadilla del Muerto Neighborhood Association, Antonio Pérez.

For his part, Martin thanked “the neighbors for their patience because they have trusted during this time”, noting that “it has been a very complicated administrative processor, but if you work with loyalty, you will achieve your objectives, as has been the signing of this agreement”.

Construction could start this summer

Cañavate for his part has indicated that the next step will be tender the works, that could start this summer, ensuring that “they will last approximately six or seven months depending on how the works go, which have a very significant investment, close to 1.4 million euros.”

“We hope that at the beginning of next year it will be a reality”, pointed out the director of the public company, who has announced that this water network “is going to be connected to the general network of Acosol, so the The water would come directly from the Río Verde container, guaranteeing the supply at all times”.

“It is a historical fact”, stressed Pérez excitedly, who recalled that “the neighbors and neighbors do not have waterwe had been asking for it for many years and now we will be able to have it”, a claim for which this scattered La Cala de Mijas “we have been fighting for so long”, adds Jesús Garín, administrator of the community of owners.

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