The residents of the El Real urbanization, located in Marbella and affected by the noise generated by the Opium beach club -in which a registered shooting at dawn on July 18 that left 5 wounded-have asked the local council to hold a meeting to address various issues related to safety and noise pollution generated by the disco, and which according to residents has been declined by the local administration.

The residents of the urbanization have shown their dissatisfaction with the request they have made to the Councilor for Citizen Security, José Eduardo Díaz, to “explain what has been acted in the last four years by the Local Police at the Opium super-discotheque, before addressing the mayor as the person ultimately responsible for managing the government team”.

Thus, they ask to knowhow many interventions, inspections and infringement records have been carried out” in the establishment, as well as “the result of each of our telephone calls to 092 and complaints made about the noise and the different illegal activities that take place inside the enclosure”.

On the other hand, the residents demand to know “what inspections have been carried out by both Civil Protection and the Fire Department to check the security requirements required as an auditorium” and “if it has been done before its opening or has not been done yet”. In addition, they request information on whether “in the inspections that have been carried out it is verified that the sound limiter corresponds to the one that has been authorized and if it is working” because “in recent years it has not worked or has not transmitted readings, and there you can check both the hours of use and the noise it emits into the air,” they say.

Also, from the residential area they question “how can authorize an emergency exit where vehicles and people coincide”, just as they do not understand that “taxis and VTCs are allowed to crowd into that same exit and main entrance”. To this they have added that this area “do not have protected sidewalks for pedestrians approaching events.”

In this sense, the neighbors regret that “before this request for a meeting” made to the Marbella City Council, “the councilor understands that we do not have enough entity to be attended by him”, for what they have valued that “as a representative of the people that he is, he has the obligation to meet us and not sneak the bundle.

For its part, the Consistory has indicated that “the delegates of Industry and Citizen Security already have a scheduled date for the meeting with the board of directors of the community of owners of Lindasol and El Real Panoramawho requested it by entry registration on July 28 ”, although they have not specified a specific day.

In this way, they have pointed out that “despite the fact that it would be a meeting for technicians to provide information that the representatives of the neighborhood community have requested, both mayors will be present”. On the other hand, they have assured that “there is no evidence, on the other hand, no other meeting request by a neighbor (already represented by his board of the community of owners) or by any alleged platform”. While the residents point out that they have requested a meeting with the mayor of Security at the individual level through “electronic headquarters”.

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