The works of recovery of the Chest of the Caves of Marbella are at 70% of their execution, an action that contemplates the paving and lighting of the path that runs through this green lung in the heart of the city, as announced this Tuesday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

The councilor has indicated in the inauguration of the path, that it has remained open to the public this Tuesday, that it will have 3 kilometers for sports and of which two phases have already been executed.

“We are very satisfied with the result of one of the works that have been carried out by the company that was the winner when awarding the maintenance of the sports facilities ”, said Muñoz, who has indicated that the action“it had been vindicated by all those who practice sports on a regular basis”At the Paco Cantos Sports Center.

In this sense, it has abounded in that “this very urban track” has been adapted to the needs and with all guarantees “for” the practice of running”, which is one of the most demanded disciplines and which is also carried out “on the promenade and in other areas”.

Muñoz has detailed that the project contemplates the adaptation of 3 kilometers of trail, where “2 kilometers have already been completed”, and therefore, the work is “at 70% of its execution”. Thus, it has advanced that next year “the whole circuit is finished and completed.”

Regarding the recovery work, he specified that a “comprehensive remodeling”With which a solution has been given to the problems registered in rainy days, in which “the albero was carried away” of the path immersed in the vegetation of the area, which caused that “the surface had difficulties to be able to do sports”.

In addition, it has pointed out that it has acted in “drainage in terms of torrential water, with 16 new points, the lighting, the enclosure and the paving ”, for which“ 32 lights ”have been installed in one kilometer.

“I think it is a very good initiative because we are in a sports facilities that have many disciplines, but that it was necessary to be able to occupy part of a paradisiacal environment “, he has expressed in relation to the Paco Cantos Sports Center, for which” it means being right in the center, in the green lung that we have in Marbella, which is the area of Chest of the Caves and what had to be recovered”, He remarked regarding the surrounding green area, which has been saved from urban speculation in recent decades. Advancement in new sections of the promenade and the coastal path has been added to the path.

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