In the first seven months of this year, the rural portfolios and postmen of the province of Malaga have carried out more than 13,500 operations, after the enabling of the new services that Correos offers at the door of the house.

In Andalusia, the operations carried out have been a total of 94,327. In addition to sending letters, both ordinary and certified or urgent, they have managed other operations such as the sale of packaging and stamps, the sending of parcels, the collection of receipts and the sending of money. They also offer other services such as payment of taxes, management of electricity and telephone services, procedures with the DGT, access to the purchase of train tickets and the offer of insurance companies and Correos Telecom.

There are 763 postmen and rural portfolios that offer many of these services at home in Andalusia, which until now were only provided in the computerized Post Offices, through their new portable devices (PDA).

By province, 87 rural postmen and postmen can perform these functions in the province of Almería, 63 in Cádiz, 68 in Córdoba, 159 in Granada, 75 in Huelva, 99 in Jaén, 102 in that of Malaga and 110 in that of Seville.

Regarding the number of operations, 7,837 have been carried out in the province of Almería, 5,947 in Cádiz, 8,596 in Córdoba, 18,351 in Granada, 10,888 in Huelva, 15,535 in Jaén, 13,557 in of Malaga and 13,616 in Seville.

The technological improvement in portable terminals for rural delivery with card payment and the possibility of operating as an extension of a post office, has enabled this group to increase the capacity to offer products and services to the inhabitants, improving efficiency of the public operator in this less populated environment and the accessibility of the people who reside in it, who now have the same options as those who have access to an urban office.

In this way, rural postmen and purses acquire prominence as facilitators of life in the villages, where they are of vital importance, especially for the smallest and least communicated.

With these new functionalities, Correos continues to work to diversify its activity and bring its services closer to all citizens, making their day-to-day life easier, especially in rural areas, where it also intends to fight against depopulation.

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