2022 continues to bring joy to Carla Viegas. The young forward from San Pedro de Alcántara, after making her debut in LF Challenge, finishing as the best three-point shooter in the competition with more than 50% accuracy and competing in the U17 World Cup, achieving a historic silver medal and once again setting stratospheric records from beyond the 6.75 meter line, he will once again wear the Spanish National Team jersey, this time for
participate in the European U17 in the 3×3 mode. A year to remember as a result of daily work.

The excellent shooter was concentrated in Madrid before the U18 World Cup of the modality along with the four participants in said event, in addition to Laia Conesa (Segle XXI), Judit Valero (Barça CBS) and Marina Mata (Segle XXI). The first two, Viegas and Judit Oliva (Barça CBS), who is playing in the U18 tournament, make up the list of four players to travel to Greece, although Marina Mata (Segle XXI) has also been called up, as she was in the previous concentration, in case there is any setback that will force them to change the initially chosen ones.

During the first concentration in Madrid, Viegas and her teammates were able not only to train under Nuria Martínez, but also competed against the Chilean team and the U18 players. It will be the first participation of the sampedreña in this modality, where the triples, her specialty, add two points, for one of the rest of the baskets, and in which the intensity is much higher than the classic basketball, being played at half court, with constant changes and 10 minutes or the first team to reach 21 points.

Viegas will be absent for a few days from the preseason with the CAB Estepona Jardín of the Costa del Sol of the Women’s League Challenge in search of a new metal for Spain, returning after the end of the tournament on September 4. The national team, which does not yet know the teams it will face in the
group stage, starts as the number nine seed and defends the gold obtained last year by Carla Brito, Elena Buenavida, Noa Djiu and Inés Noguero.

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