The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, highlighted this Tuesday the “success” in the planning of the San Pedro Alcántara Fair, held from October 17 to 23, which has received more than 450,000 visitors at its premiere in the grounds of the recovered Finca La Caridad, from which it has been advanced that work is being done on the organization of other events.

“They have been the most massive parties we have ever had”, indicated Muñoz, who has made a balance “very satisfactory”, endorsed by the businessmen and the attendees themselves. The first mayor has indicated that “it has been a great satisfaction to be able to use an equipment, which has more than 81,000 square meters that we were able to rescue for the use of citizens thanks to the insistence that this government team, supported by the neighborhood movement itself, had in the corruption proceedings in Marbella”.

In this sense, the councilor, accompanied by the deputy mayor, Javier García, and the director of Fiestas in San Pedro Alcántara, Rubén Sánchez, has detailed that “the planning we did for that land meant that some 12,000 were allocated to the location of the area of ​​booths, with a large paved walkway and another 40,000 for attractions with two different spacess, for children and adults, which has also been a complete success”. In this regard, it has specified that 32 recreational elements and a similar number of game stalls and raffles were installed, in addition to 42 food stalls and different booths, from that of the horsemen, the elderly or the municipal one to host the musical performances .

On the other hand, the councilor has pointed out that within the special transportation plan, two platforms in an area of ​​34,000 square meters with the possibility of housing the parking for more than 2,000 vehicles, area managed by the disabled association Afesol for a voluntary contribution. In addition, a mobility plan was included with the Local Police to avoid a possible interconnection with the pedestrian area.

Munoz has pointed out that “more than 44,462 travelers have used the special public transport plan urban by bus for their trips to the fairgrounds, most of them have been made in the services of specific shuttles enabled for the fair with more than 32,500 passengers, and another 11,962 have done so on urban lines 4 and 5, which have been reinforced”. In addition, it has specified that a figure greater than 1,200 public transport expeditions have been offered throughout the week, presenting continuous service from 1:00 p.m. to 03:00 a.m.

On the other hand, he highlighted in the same way that “the good results in transport planning have also been evident in the collaboration of municipal operational services and the work done by the 120 people who integrated the security device and that are added to the twenty video surveillance cameras, the use of drones to carry out a sweep of the fairgrounds and quads for the control of the perimeter fence.

The first mayor thanked the local police performance NationalFirefighters, Civil Protection and DYA so that no significant incident has occurred during the development of the festivities, together with the implementation of the CECOP for this purpose. The mayor has advanced, on the other hand, that “we start working from now on in the organization of other events at Finca La Caridadin this magnificent facility that the neighbors have been able to see how it has been recovered for their use and enjoyment”.

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