The security device for the San Pedro Alcántara Fair, Marbellato be held from October 17 to 23, will feature the participation of more than 120 troops each day and will be made up of members of the Local Police, National Police, Civil Protection, Firefighters, DYA and security guards, as announced this Friday by the councilor of the branch, José Eduardo Díaz.

The mayor of Security and the deputy mayor of San Pedro, Javier García, have explained that the operation will be coordinated from a single command center“in which the site’s video surveillance system will also be deployed.”

In addition, Díaz has indicated that the new location, in the Finca de la Caridad, “facilitates the work by the troops” and has specified that “Civil Protection will have 15 members dailywhile the Local Police will deploy about 50 agentswho will be in charge of traffic management, logistics and will also collaborate in security matters”.

They will also participate in the work members of the cavalry squadron of the local body and will be used drones for surveillance of the fairground car park. In addition, 40 professionals from the National Police from different units and a corporal and four firefighters will be added.

In the health section, DYA associationalso supported by Civil Protection, will mobilize a device made up of a doctor, two nurses and four auxiliary technicians, who will act in coordination with the Costa del Sol hospital, the San Pedro Alcántara health center and 061. Likewise, this entire operation will be supported by the work of 14 security guards. Finally, Díaz has encouraged people to enjoy the fair with caution during the festive days, especially behind the wheel.

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