The Mijas City Council has put out to tender the sanitation works of the urbanization ‘Mijas La Nueva’, an action that has a budget of 411,000 euros and an execution period of 5 months for the construction of a separating network of rainwater and sewageas reported on Tuesday by the mayor of Infrastructures and Works, José Carlos Martín.

The councilor pointed out that this project “is very important for the residents who live in these rural areas, since it will allow connection of sanitation with the municipal networkso they are all going to take a leap in quality”.

Martín added that “this performance is linked to the project also for connection to the municipal sanitation network of La Alquería, which already has the sectoral report on the Environment and is missing the one on Roads”.

Both projects are parallel, because while the processing of the second section is finished, the first one is going out to public tender today and once both have been executed, these areas will no longer be connected to treatment stations wastewater”.

For his part, Councilor for Procurement, Roy Pérez, has broken down the details of this tender, which is the first step towards improving sanitation in these rural areas, stating that “interested companies can Submit your offers until next May 23 in the ‘State Contracting Platform’. The starting price “exceeds 411,000 euros and an execution period of 5 months is contemplated” to award jobs “after the summer”.

Thus, it should be noted that the works are based on a separating network of pluvial and fecal which has a collector of 315 millimeters in diameter and a length of 1,300 meters. This pipeline connects with that of La Alquería and it comes to correct the problems that the treatment plant is causing in this area where there is a deficient treatment of wastewater due to lack of adequate maintenance of the installation over the years.

Likewise, so that ‘Mijas La Nueva’ is definitively connected to municipal sanitation it is necessary to execute a second project that runs from La Alquería to said networkwhich is also already drafted by the Infrastructure department and will be executed simultaneously.

The second project, the referring to La Alquería, also has a collector with a diameter of 315 millimeters and a layout of 3,320 meters and will be connected from the confluence with the Mijas la Nueva pipeline to the municipal sanitation network located in the vicinity of the motorway, leaving both rural areas linked. The investment of this second work amounts to 2.7 million euros.

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