The Commission of Incompatibilities of the Senate has given a period of ten days to the Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñozand to the city council of this Malaga city and the town of Benahavís to clarify with documentation if they contracted with the PP senator or with her entourage.

The Board of this parliamentary commission has approved a new work plan in relation to the investigation opened by the Upper House to find out if Muñoz has somehow infringed the Code of Conduct of the Cortes Generales by not having stated when he took possession of his part of his important patrimony.

The decision to request documentation from the mayoressto the Marbella Town Hall and to that of Benahavís, where she was a councilor, has been adopted with the favorable vote of the PSOE and the abstention of the PP in the Committee Table, according to what parliamentary sources explained to EFE on Tuesday.

In addition to giving the go-ahead to the requirement for all the documentation raised by the socialist group, with a within ten business days As of the date the petition is submitted, the Board has approved a new work plan that delays the date for the Commission to approve the report referring to the mayoress of Marbella to May 18.

Thus situates the final opinion on the inquiries regarding the possible breach of the Code of Conduct only ten days before the regional and municipal elections on May 28.

Before, and once the April 14 the deadline For the reception of the documentation and the proposals for appearances of the groups, the summons will be decided on April 18 to celebrate them from May 3 to 5, including that of the senator herself, who, however, is not obliged to attend the appeal.

Finally, the report will be prepared by the working group appointed for this purpose in the week of May 8 to 12 with the idea of ​​approving it on May 18 to submit it to the Senate Table.

All these steps obey the inquiry procedure on the assets of Ángeles Muñoz promoted by the PSOE and which for the first time has launched a provision included in the Code of Conduct of the Cortes Generales of 2020.

At the moment, the Senate requires a wide list of contracts, deeds and registry data referring to the assets that the senator included in her first asset statementat the beginning of the legislature, including companies, and on which it subsequently reported upward changes.

The requirements also refer to their personal environment and seek to confirm whether the Malaga town halls had some kind of contractual relationship with the two companies that appear as owners of the Malaga assets that he cited in his statement and with his relatives.

It concerns, among others, his husband, Lars Gunnar Sune Brobergrecently deceased, and his stepson Joakim Peter Broberg, prosecuted for drug trafficking and money laundering.

The PSOE has drawn attention from the first moment this case came to light on how “striking” it is that the PP senator has accumulated such a high net worth when she has been dedicated “exclusively” to political life for decades and “she does not even receive a salary in her capacity as mayor of Marbella”.

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