Today Friday marks one month since the declaration, on September 8, of the Sierra Bermeja fire, the worst in the history of the Costa del Sol and Genal Valley, after almost devastating 10,000 hectares and provoke the death of a person and the eviction of more than 2,600 neighbors from various municipalities.

The official situation of the fire is “controlled” and has not yet been considered extinguished. The definition of ‘checked’ It is applied to that fire in which «the entire perimeter is surrounded by a control line, formed by a strip of land without vegetation, or with vegetation already burned, and some hot spots.

INFOCA remains alert and continues to work for its auction and liquidation. However, they remember that there are still numerous hot spots that have not been turned off, not even by the lluvias fallen in the area, and that «this is the reason why it has not been extinct«. During the last night, a total of 9 forest firefighters with 1 pumper vehicle.

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