The Space and Underwater Tourism Congress ‘Space & Underwater Tourism Universal Summit’ (SUTUS), which will be held from September 28 to 30 at the Les Roches hotel management school in Marbella, will feature the attendance of more than a thousand people in both face-to-face and onlineas reported by the organization this Friday.

The presentation ceremony was attended by the General Director of Tourism of the Marbella City Council, Laura de Arce; the CEO of Les Roches, Carlos Díez de la Lastra; the director of the training center, Mano Soler; the Director of Business Development and Tourism Marketing of Tourism and Planning Costa del Sol, Renée Kachler; and the representative of Medina media events, Ricardo Medina.

The General Director of Tourism has highlighted that the congress will address a segment of the tourist activity that “every day is closer”, with the forecast that the space tourism becomes a reality between 2025 and 2017.

The municipal manager has highlighted the importance that it can have in the town in the future “the development of underwater tourism. highlighting the launch of blue path project by the Diputación de Málaga.

For his part, Carlos DÍez de la Lastra celebrated the fourth edition of the Congress taking place this year, which he described as “the largest in the world”, and which is held in Marbella due to the attractiveness of the city, since it is home to a clientele of “luxury and high quality” that can fit with the demand for space tourism.

Kachler has pointed out that Costa del Sol tourism should congress represents “a fantastic opportunity for the province”, as well as alluding to “the evolution of this sector and all that it entails”, while highlighting the provincial entity’s Senda Azul project, which pursues “to value companies related to the sea”.

The director of Les Roches has highlighted that the congress on underwater and space tourism will provide “a greater impact on their day-to-day” at the training center, noting that the event “goes online and the school’s DNA sets trends.” In addition, he took the opportunity to remember that the center has “a campus with more than 1,000 students from 93 countries”.

For his part, Ricardo Medina has made a mention of the most outstanding speakers of the 3 days that the congress event will have, the first of them being “face-to-face”, where the reception of “250 people by invitation”. The rest of the days the presentations will be given in a onlineso it hopes to exceed “a thousand attendees” with both formats.

In this way, he has indicated that the congress will feature “first-rate figures in space and underwater tourism such as Bernard Foing, leader of the euro-moon-mars project”, the astronaut Michael López Alegría or the presence of Fabien Cousteau with his underwater station project ‘Proteus’. In addition, more than 30 companies and the most important space agencies worldwide such as the American NASA, the European ESA or the Japanese JAXA.

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