The Nueva Alcántara Club Sports and Social, which is on its way to becoming the largest indoor gym in Spain, will have 16 new paddle tennis courts, one of them central enabled to host world tests.

The one who was once the old Sampedreño Paddle Club is now an enclosure of more than 10,000 square meters, which will soon receive an investment of 4 million euros, which will go to the construction of new facilities, to the gets better of the existing ones and the creation of more than a hundred new Job positions.

As the head of the investment group has been able to detail, Miguel Matías, «The complex is already, in part, open, specifically the 1,500 square meter outdoor gym. On the other hand, work is being done so that, the end of October, the center fully reopens its doors, with the aim of registering more than 300,000 circulations per year for our club ».

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