The student body college of Infant and Primary Education (CEIP) the elm from The cove of Mijas has created within the ‘solvable project’ a song to the rhythm of rap to raise awareness about the importance of protecting yourself from the sunan initiative that aims to promote healthy photoprotection policies and practices in the school environment and developed by the Costa del Sol hospital, as reported by the Andalusian Government.

This initiative is included in the educational scope of this solvable program of health promotion promoted by the Costa del Sol hospital and more specifically in the context of the ‘solvable school’ distinction, the musical style being performed by the fifth grade students.

This badge is a seal of quality that identifies the centers that actively promote photoeducation and meet technical safety requirements in this area. Your goal is promote healthy photoprotection policies and practices in the school environment, involving all the key actors.

In fact, the CEIP El Olmo requested this year the certification process and in this context has asked the solvable project the development of this training program –that will lead this center to become a solvable school-, and whose objectives are to provide knowledge and teaching resources to the teachers of the center, promote education in photoprotection in the classroom and encourage innovative initiatives in the educational community such as the creation of this rap.

For the 5th grade tutor of CEIP El Olmo, Alberto Morilla Pimentel, the idea of ​​rap came up “during the first session of the photoprotection course as a result of the suggestion made by the speaker, the colleague and teacher of Early Childhood Education Leticia Suárez. I thought the best thing was to rap about the decalogue of photoprotection and I adapted the lyrics of the chorus so that it rhymed”.

According to this professor, “the The idea was to put a rap base and have the students sing the chorus to be able to internalize the rhythm. Once they knew the lyrics of the chorus they were suggested that they invent some verses to complete the song.

The school goal was to also build a multidisciplinary projectsince the students have worked with stanzas and versesthe characteristics of poetic texts and also with grammar and spelling, as well as oral expression.

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