The students of the Secondary Education Institute (IES) Las Lagunas, in Mijas, have painted in the colors of the LGBTI flag one of the benches that make up the courtyard of the center, a protest activity that has been presented this Friday on the occasion of the International Day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia, as announced by the Councilor for Equality and Diversity, Natalia Martínez.

This has been highlighted by the mayor in a visit she has made this morning to the diversity bankwhich is added to others of a vindictive nature such as the Women’s Daythe 25N Day against gender violence or Ukraine.

“We are at IES Las Lagunas visiting this bench of diversity that the students of Basic Vocational Training have painted”, explained the councillor, who underlined that “it is very important that from the educational centers become aware of equality and sexual diversitythat we can respect all people whoever they are, love whoever they love”, he indicated.

Martínez has pointed out that “it is about a background job where everyoneeducational centers, families and institutions have to put our best effort to reach young people and we are on that path”, stressing that this week the City Council commemorates May 17, the Day against LGBTIphobiathrough various initiatives launched by schools.

In this sense, he recalled that this week the educational centers in Mijas have started the preventive workshops ‘We love’directed to more than a thousand students of 2nd year of ESO to raise awareness about bullying based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity. “We work in coordination with those responsible for co-education and equality in each center to continue training our students more and more on this subject so that they can become young people of progress”, added Martínez.

Finally, from the Equality area they wanted to emphasize that “Some funds are received from the State Pact against Gender Violence intended for co-education for both first and secondary students”, with which “a very important awareness work among our young peoplegiven that where institutions cannot reach, teachers can do so”, he concluded.

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