The tension has been installed this Friday in the plenary session of the municipal Corporation of Marbella Town Hallwhere the PSOE has questioned on numerous occasions the Mayor, Angeles Muñozso that she can explain her heritage and show the summary of her husband’s case.

The pre-election environment It has been felt in the Plenary Hall of the Town Hall, which in the ordinary session of November has had the presence of an audience, something that has not been seen, at least, since the period before the Covid-19 pandemic. , and that on several occasions has shown its support for the popular bench.

“Today I had here a deja vu 20 years ago and it reminded me of the plenary sessions and the times of Jesús Gilwhich filled them with euphoric clappers, and today we have a Full of supporters of Mrs. Muñoz insulting the opposition “has criticized the socialist spokesman, who has taken advantage of a motion presented by his group regarding works of autonomous competence, to ask the councilor about the origin of her heritage.

In this sense, he explained that “personally as a citizen of Marbella, not even on behalf of the PSOE, I asked to appear in the casewhere it is – allegedly – drug traffickers, money laundering and criminal organizations, to be able to access the summary. “Now it’s up to you to explain,” he rebuked the first mayor.

In this way, Bernal has launched a series of questions, as if “it was normal for her husband to give her the budgets of companies that were later awarded by hand” supposedly or “if it is normal to have a millionaire patrimony like you have, and not have given any explanation and hide it in the Senate and other public institutions”.

For his part, the Councilor for Works, Diego López, declared that “here is a clear slogan from Pedro Sánchez and Moncloa, which is to overthrow the mayoress of Marbella, tarnish the image of the mayoress of Marbella. They have been GIL for years, because they are students, trying to do the same, overthrow the mayoress in court because they have not succeeded in the polls, ”she replied, while regretting that from the socialist bench “they are not capable of apologizing.”

During the plenary session, several PSOE councilors have also taken advantage of the items on the agenda to bring to the fore the case of the councilor’s husband, who is prosecuted for alleged crimes of “criminal organization” and “money laundering”, as well as his stepson. Meanwhile, from the PP they have recalled the order released this week issued by the Central Court of Instruction number 6 of the National Court, which rejects the request of José Bernal to appear in the case as popular accusation and that separates the charges from the case public or local administration.

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