The Councilor for Public Roads, Encarnación Cortés; and the Councilor for Commerce, Javier Marín, announced today at a press conference various changes in the occupation of public roads, once Benalmádena has entered level 0 incidence of the covid-19 pandemic.
“Little by little we are overcoming the pandemic, with the efforts of the whole world,” Javier Marín celebrated.
“In this sense, the effort made by the commercial fabric of the municipality has been of vital importance, a sector that the local administration has wanted to reward and help by facilitating occupations of public roads on terraces to go beyond what they had authorized each one of the businesses ”, the councilor recalled.
“At this point, in which we have just passed to level 0, we believe that we have to begin to return to a normalcy that we are all looking forward to”, he valued.
“This normality implies that, within the premises, it is possible to occupy all the spaces and reach the full capacity, although using the masks indoors, an aspect that will greatly help the recovery and return to normality of our shops and restaurant businesses ”, Marín pointed out.
“Due to the progressive return to normality that implies entering level 0, as of next November 1 they will begin to review all the occupations of public roads,” the councilor announced.
“This control will not have a sanctioning character: little by little the Local Police will inform and remind the owners of their obligation that the terraces occupy the space of the public road for which they had authorization, leaving them as they were before the pandemic ”, he clarified.
“I want to congratulate neighbors, commercial tourists and businessmen: little by little we are breaking down this pandemic situation thanks to the efforts of everyone during the last year and a half, an effort of which Benalmádena has been an example,” he highlighted .
“Also from here I want to thank the bodies and security forces, especially the Local Police, because they have been there, day after day, ensuring compliance with the necessary health safety standards,” he concluded.
“The entry into level 0 was much-anticipated news, especially for the hospitality sector: we are in luck since yesterday, and from the City Council we want to facilitate the return to normal business progressively, and for that reason we have marked the November 1 as the date on which merchants will have their authorizations for the occupation of public roads prior to the pandemic in force ”, explained the councilor.
“By giving priority to the informative work on the sanctioning, the Local Police agents will notify the businesses so that they begin to adapt their terraces to the new situation of normality,” Cortés clarified.
“From the government team we have wanted to be by the side of the merchants during the pandemic, helping them as much as possible and allowing these extraordinary occupations of the public thoroughfare as a resource to help alleviate the difficult situation they were experiencing,” he pointed out.
“I want to thank citizens for their patience: they have seen pedestrian spaces full of tables and chairs about this situation and have not complained at any time, being very understanding with a sector that has had a particularly bad time during the pandemic, and which also they have supported as much as possible ”, Cortés concluded.

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