The Ministry of Health and Families has begun today to administer the third dose of the vaccine against COVID-19 in nursing homes. For this, the nursing teams will travel to the nursing homes to inoculate the third dose to 43,554 people residing throughout Andalusia.

Specifically, the third dose of the vaccine will be administered to 3,159 users of nursing homes in Almería, 4,565 in Cádiz, 6,078 in Córdoba, 5,439 in Granada, 2,430 in Huelva, 5,060 in Jaén, 7,921 in Malaga and 8,902 in Seville.

Along with this population, for a few weeks, immunosuppressed patients are also being vaccinated with a third dose. In total, 13,678 solid organ transplant patients or people who are receiving or have received immunosuppressive therapy due to a solid organ transplant, regardless of the time elapsed.

Likewise, this third dose has been administered to people with a parent transplant hematopoietic (allo and autotransplantation). This third dose is also indicated at patients treated with anti ‐ CD20 drugs, including rituximab, ocrelizumab, ofatumumab, obinutuzumab, ibritumumab tiuxetan, veltuzumab, and tositumomab. About half of this population has already been vaccinated with the third dose.

Vaccination days without appointment

Along with these new advances in the Vaccination Strategy, the Andalusian Health Service organizes this week new vaccination days walk-ins to continue advancing the immunization of the population and facilitate the administration of both first and second doses at the people over 12 years old as well as those people (12 to 65 years old) infected with COVID-19 more than four weeks ago and who have overcome the infection.

In these more than 150 vaccination points, messenger RNA vaccines (Moderna or Pfizer) will be administered for the first doses and the other two types of vaccines (AstraZeneca and Janssen) will also be available for those who require it. Pregnant women who have not started the vaccination schedule may also attend these days.

In addition to the usual map of vaccination resources, they are installing mobile units at strategic points to facilitate vaccination to certain sectors such as university students. Both first and second doses will also be applied to these mobile units.

In this way, they will be located in the Malaga University (in front of the Faculty of Law, on September 22 and 23), at the University of Granada (at the Faculty of Pharmacy, today September 21), at the University of Cordoba (on the Rabanales Campus also today), in the Cadiz University (Thursday 23 at the Puerto Real Campus and Friday 24 at the Cádiz Campus). Also in the University of Huelva walk-ins are planned for next week.

Appointment request

Along with the days without an appointment, vaccination continues at the points enabled to attend users by appointment. The appointment request can be made directly on the website of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) through ClicSalud +, through the mobile application and the Salud Responde phone number (955 54 50 60) and also at your health center, preferably by phone .

The appointment for the administration of the second dose will be provided in most cases at the time of vaccination or will be communicated later by your health center via SMS or phone call, and can be consulted at ClicSalud + in the ‘My Appointments’ section.

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