The City Council of Torremolinos (Málaga) closed 2021 with an average supplier payment period of 118 days, while in the third quarter of 2022 this average payment period was reduced to 42 days.

The mayor of the municipality, Margarita del Cid, has valued the data “which is especially relevant due to the delay in payment to suppliers”, she recalled.

“We will continue to advance along the same path that we have marked since the arrival of this government team, making an effort in terms of management so that payment to suppliers is increasingly agile”, indicated the councilor, who has recognized that “still There is still room for improvement and we will try to ensure that the average payment to suppliers falls below 30 days as soon as possible”.

Del Cid explained that “this reduction in the average payment period to suppliers is motivated in the first place by the excellent management of the invoices in each of the delegations, which has also reduced the time it took to process them in order and form, and secondly because the Treasury is practically up to date in the payment to suppliers when the invoices arrive at the same dependencies».

Finally, the mayor has also highlighted “the importance throughout this process of the communication systems that have been established between the different delegations so that everything works better.”

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