The Local Police of Torremolinos (Málaga) has acquired seven new patrol vehicles, of which five will have a ‘detainee kit’, in addition to four ‘maxi scooters’, which will complement the unit’s mobile fleet.

The new fleet has been presented this Friday in the Blas Infante square of the town of Malaga in an act that has had the mayor, Margarita del Cid; the Councilor for Security, Francisco Cerdán; Councilor Avelina González; and the chief deputy inspector of the Local Police Operational Unit, José Olmeda.

The delivery of these vehicles completes the bidding procedure that the Citizen Security Area began in April 2022 and that has been carried out through the ‘renting’ formula, for which the City Council will disburse 493,680 euros over a period of four years.

«For ten years no new vehicles had been acquired and it was done with the help of the Commonwealth. This is an absolute renewal, prioritizing security as one of the essential parts of our policy as a tourist municipality », del Cid highlighted during his speech.

The patrol vehicles that obtained the best quality-price ratio marked in the specifications were the Kia brand, Niro model, while the ‘maxi scooters’ were the BMW brand, C400 GT model.

In addition to the specific police equipment, all the patrol cars will have a defibrillator, first-aid kit and fire extinguisher, as well as other tools and equipment belonging to the police service. Also, all vehicles have been labeled with the new corporate image of the Local Police.

The mayor has announced that, in addition to the acquisition of these material resources, the government team has also approved the incorporation of more personal resources, highlighting that “soon we will begin the process to incorporate new local police officers.”

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