The Serranía de Málaga Health Area has completed the return of the elderly and assisted people who were evacuated from the municipalities of Jubrique, Genalguacil, Júzcar, Alpandeire, Pujerra and Faraján in a preventive manner due to the forest fire declared on the 8th and which occurred by controlled this past Tuesday.

The logistics operation took place on Tuesday and had four adapted minibuses and six ambulances that were in charge of picking up the people who were in the Serranía de Ronda Hospital, which for two days, and until the transfer was carried out. , has had ten patients who required care; in the Senior Residence, in Aura Parra Grossi de Ronda, and in private homes, since these people, due to their age, lack of mobility or health situation, required health personnel and vehicles adapted to each need.

In the transfers participated personnel from the Health Area and members of the Red Cross and Tenorio Business Group who have contributed part of the vehicles used, they have specified from the Junta de Andalucía.

Thus, as happened at the time of evacuation, during the return transfer, each of the movements was extremely careful when dealing with elderly or chronically ill people, most of them residing in the Genal Valley Residence in Faraján.

The logistical complexity of the work has been important as it has been necessary to find accommodation in different parts of the Serranía and in many cases have to supply the medications that each of the users needed, they explained in a statement.

The delegate of Health and Families, Carlos Bautista, together with the manager of the Health Area, Francisco Javier Vadillo, participated supervising the transfers of the neighbors, who wanted to thank the assistance and affection they have received in such difficult circumstances.

From the direction of the Serranía de Málaga Health Area, they have highlighted the collaboration provided by the different municipalities and by the Residences: Senior Ronda, Aura Parra Grossi, Hermanitas de los Pobres and Valle del Genal de Faraján.

In this way, all the elderly and assisted people who needed to be transferred by the toilets are already in their municipalities of origin.

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