The supreme court has admitted for processing appeal of Ecologistas en Acción against the judgment of the TSJA, of January 14, 2022, in which it dismisses PO no. 33/2020 filed against the agreement, of July 16, 2019, of the Governing Council of the Junta de Andalucía, by which the Andalusian golf course of Tourist Interest is declared the project of golf course ‘Golf Valley Resort’located in the municipality of Mijas.

The appeal filed by Ecologistas en Acción is based on the fact that it is necessary to submit to strategic environmental assessment the declaration of Regional Tourist Interest of the golf course, as reported in a statement. Unlike the Junta de Andalucía, which understands that it is not a prior document, but that it can be processed at a later time. In this sense, the Supreme will submit to an opinion if the strategic environmental evaluation is necessary to declare a project of regional tourist interest, they add.

It should be remembered that the Mijas Golf Resort Valley project, is a new tourist complex that the Logarma company wants to build in Mijas. Will include 18 hole golf coursea golf school, a high-level international equestrian center, a five-star hotel, a conference room, a spa and beauty salon, a sports and physiotherapy training center, a haute cuisine restaurant, 296 typical Andalusian farmhouse-style villas and a building with 54 apartments

For Ecologists in Action, this project repeats the same model of the last 40 years and reminds us that “Mijas is one of the municipalities with the most golf courses of the entire national territory, and is not in need of more urban projects”.

Thus, from the organization they point out that “given the interest of the regional and local Administration to continue betting on a development model based on urban growth, from the environmental movement we advocate the protection of the soil as a finite good that we must manage, without putting its biodiversity is in danger.

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