The UMA Vice-Rector’s Office for Mobility and International Cooperation, led by the Business Organization professor, Ana María Castillo, leads the Erasmus + Fair Food for a Smart Life project. This strategic association will be executed by a consortium of 6 organizations from various European countries, among which are the greatest exponents of the Mediterranean diet.

Partners include universities, agri-food experts in nutrition and restoration, consultants and educators from Spain, Italy, Portugal and Belgium. The partners that will accompany the University of Malaga are the University of Aveiro (Portugal), the European consultants IDP, the non-profit association IHF and the Internet Web Solutions company.

Fair Food for a Smart Life is a project of the call for Strategic Actions of the Erasmus + program, co-financed by the European Commission, which has a duration of two years. Its purpose is to contribute to the improvement of well-being through a nutritional education inspired by the way in which our ancestors ate, with natural products, typical of the territory, treated in a simple way and consumed in season.

However, this project not only focuses on the health and well-being of people in the long term, but also aims to contribute to preserving the valuable European culinary cultural heritage and improving the environment by promoting a responsible diet with low environmental impact that helps to curb climate change.

The project activities will consist of identifying and organizing ancestral knowledge about varieties, products and traditional methods of food production, conservation and consumption, which are in many cases at risk of disappearing, as a way to preserve this cultural legacy.

Second, Fair Food intends to spread this knowledge among the general population and especially among the youngest, through face-to-face and online training programs, using social media and with the collaboration of opinion leaders and influencers. Thanks to this awareness and the change in eating habits, entrepreneurship and the continuity of this type of business are favored, especially in rural areas, to improve their attractiveness and competitiveness, attract and fix the population.

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