The unions of District Primary Care Costa del Sol have requested an “urgent meeting” with “management” to address the situation of the Emergency Service Primary Care (SUAP) of Las Lagunas de Mijas, that suffers from a “lack of professionals” or a “high healthcare pressure” as they have been denouncing since the summer.

Thus, the petition has been signed by the member unions of the “Personnel Board” such as the Medical Unionthe Nursing Union (SATSE), the Central Independent Trade Union and Officials (CSIF), Workers Commissions (CCOO) and the General Union of Workers (UGT). In the petition, sent to the “Management Directorate” of the Costa del Sol health district on October 19.

The unions point out in the petition, sent to the “Management Directorate” of the Costa del Sol health district on October 19, that it occurs “after the situation that occurred last summer in relation to our Primary Care Emergency Services (SUAP)and in particular that of Las Lagunas -a basic health area Fuengirola Mijas-“.

Specifically, “the Management Department has been requested in writing, dated September 27 with an entry record, to call a urgent meeting of the Primary Care District (DAB) with the representatives of the Staff Board to address these problems, as well as the perspectives and organization of said Clinical Management Unit (UGC) in the short and long term”. They also indicate that the district has been asked “the inclusion in the agenda of all the information possesses in relation to the situation and the pending infrastructure deadlines of realization in our different basic health zones, with the presence of the person in charge of district works”.

They have also requested, on this occasion by the Medical Union, “the inclusion of the announcement of the Head of Studies of our Family and Community Medicine residents, which should have been convened a long time ago”. In addition, they propose that “multiple issues that we all have pending could be discussed in the section of answers and questions such as the Professional Performance Complement (CRP) of this year”, which alludes to productivity.

The unions have made the request again “after three weeks” of another requested from the “management” of the health district, which according to the letter “He has given a silence for an answer, without that call having been made at the present time” In this way, they consider this aspect as “an apology to union representatives legally elected and a lack of transparency on the part of the management positions of our district”.

Last August, CCOO denounced the “lack of professionals” suffered by the SUAP of Las Lagunas, in Mijas, and in the Arroyo de la Miel, warning that the benefit “is seriously compromised” before the “collapse” of these centers in summer.

In this sense, they denounced the situation suffered by these centers, which has even forced “evacuation of patients from the emergency waiting room of the Las Lagunas Health Center, do not have the presence of doctors to provide proper medical assistance.

CCOO then alluded to “lack of planning and scheduling of shifts of the doctors and other deficiencies” that the professionals of the SUAP denounced in a letter sent to the direction of the Costa del Sol Sanitary District, in which they made reference to “the high care pressure in a collapsed Emergency in summer, where users suffer a delay of up to 3 hours to be attended; ambulances without medical personnel or uncovered shifts of doctors in the Emergency service”.

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