The Puerto Deportivo Virgen del Carmen in Marbella currently registers a one hundred percent occupancy, the largest of its entire historical series both in berths with 375 and in restaurants and leisure and nautical activities, as reported this Friday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

The councilor has highlighted during the balance made today that the results of this “exceptional summer” have been the result of the efforts and investment of the City Council since 2007, with the beginning of the management of the current government team, and has stated that “we continue working so that continue to be a venue of reference in terms of quality, attractiveness and profitability”.

In this regard, he recalled that the Consistory “has allocated more than a million euros in improving the waiting dock, access and security, paving the port, revitalize the park area or change the landscaping.”

“Fifteen years ago, we found not only that there was a less than ten percent occupancy in the business of the port, but the management of the terraces was absolutely non-existent and it made the city turn its back on the site”, said the mayor, who was accompanied by the general director of Beaches, Ports and the Environment, Victoria Martín-Lomeña.

In addition to underlining both the effort of the Consistory and the private sphere to achieve this 180-degree turn, the first mayor has advanced that the local Administration is preparing “an important project that allows a large municipal investment take us to the concession extension that we have from the Junta de Andalucía until the year 2026”.

With regard to the positive data recorded by the port, the mayor explained in reference to those of restoration and leisure that “the 70 premises of the enclosure are all open, all with activityand that is a clear symptom of how well this location works economically, which also has a lot of traffic both nationally and internationally”.

In this second case, from countries like Belgium, “which has had exceptional behavior this year in terms of fidelity to our destiny”, Muñoz pointed out, while stressing that “for us it is still an incentive to continue working and investing in this complex”.

Also, with regard to nautical themehas stated that “We have 375 berths, ranging between 6 and 20 meters in length and, in this case, the occupation is not only full, but there is even a waiting list and many have had to go to other ports”. The councilor has abounded, on the other hand, that the data for this summer season have exceeded those of years as positive as 2019, before the pandemic, where occupancy was 87 percent, while in 2020 it registered 72 percent .

Munoz has specified that the average cost of the nautical customer Has been of 300 euros per daythat relating to restaurants and visitors has revolved around 200-250 euros and the number of occupants of the port within the nautical field has been greater than 8,000 people.

The mayor has also stressed the “good functioning that the multiplication of nautical activities around the marina, both the motos de agua, as an infinity of complementary events such as excursions to see the environment, among others”.

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