The City Council involves once again the people of Fuengirola in the preparation of municipal accounts through participatory budgets 2022. The Councilor for New Technologies, Isabel González, recalled that the procedure for residents to present their proposals remains open and has encouraged them to actively participate in their selection. In addition, he recalled that, this year, as a novelty, the process has been simplified and all the initiatives presented will be evaluated by municipal technicians to study their viability.

Thus, residents have until September 21 to present their proposals on the web: Subsequently, from September 21 to October 6, the economic area of ​​the City Council will assess and select the different projects and then the selected ones will be published. “I encourage residents to enter the aforementioned address and submit their proposals before September 21, from that date we will analyze the proposals, until October 6, and then those that we select will be published and that will finally have their reflected in the budgets ”, pointed out González, who has already advanced that“ there are many neighbors who have sent us suggestions for initiatives, which do not have to be large projects, for their neighborhood and we will study them one by one ”.

“Putting people at the center of municipal management and involving Fuengiroleños in the most important decisions of our municipality, is one of the main objectives of this government team in this term, that the neighbor is the one who decides what he wants us to do it and how he wants us to do it “, said the mayor, pointing out that” one of the most important parts of this personalized action are the annual budgets, because this is where the political action of the City Council is reflected and it is shown that between we all transform Fuengirola and make it a better city. Addressing their concerns, supporting and responding to the needs of different sectors of society ”.

Finally, González stressed that “with this type of initiative, we want to promote an active and involved citizenship with the issues that concern us all, to continue building a city with high levels of well-being and services.” Thus, he recalled that there are other channels of direct communication with Fuengiroleños, such as visits to neighborhoods that are organized weekly; physical and electronic entry registration, among other means.

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