More than 4,200 patients are waiting for a surgical intervention at the Hospital Costa del Sol. The average duration to undergo an intervention is 71 days, although people who have been waiting for more than a year. These are the data provided today in Estepona by the PSOE parliamentarian José Luis Ruiz Espejo.

According to the Socialists, waiting lists in operating rooms have increased by 18% compared to previous months, but they are not the only ones. “More than 37,800 people on the Costa del Sol are waiting for a first consultation with the specialist and more than 19,000 with a delay of more than two months,” said Ruiz Espejo,

From the Psoe they criticize that, with these data in hand, the Andalusian Government continues without opening the Estepona Hospital at full capacity, which, more than a year and a half since its opening, continues without counting all the diagnostic tests or hospitalization areas.

“We socialists have already warned that the phased opening of the Estepona Hospital would be catastrophic for improving the quality of health care on the Costa del Sol and it is showing. The start-up of emergencies in different phases, without carrying out diagnostic tests, without opening the hospitalization area or the surgery area means that the hospital does not provide the service for which it was planned.

For her part, the socialist candidate for Mayor of Estepona, Emma Molina, has also reiterated her request for the full opening of the Hospital. “The emergencies opened last July, but we know that after 10 p.m. there are no x-rays or diagnostic tests, in addition to keeping the hospitalization and surgery areas closed. We have been four years since this infrastructure was opened and we demand that this area have this hospital open and at full capacity to provide coverage to the residents of Estepona”, she underlined.

Likewise, Molina has appealed to the Estepona City Council to improve transport and connections with this hospital. “Urban transport here is very precarious and those who have to take any type of test have to do it with their private vehicle because the schedules or the frequency with which the urban buses arrive are not specified.”

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