The assembly of the Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol approved this Friday unanimously the general budget for the year 2022, which includes a consolidated amount of 92,203,393.41 euros in income and expenses and exempt from financial debt, as announced this Friday by the president of the public body, José Antonio Mena. As stated, this account “comes to represent the presence of this Association of Municipalities and that of its public company Acosol SA in local society throughout this year.”

Mena explained that for the preparation of the budget “a economic income estimate and its distribution by means of expenses with three very clear objectives, such as to execute in a real way the competences that this Association assumes within its statutes, to emphasize the fulfillment of the objective of budget stability and the limit in the spending rule and to establish the bases of an investment plan through Acosol with a time horizon until 2025 that ensures the supply of water on the Costa del Sol and its comprehensive sanitation ”.

For his part, the delegate of Finance and Internal Regime, José María Ayala, explained that the budget amounts to the amount of 24,031,843.90 euros, “although it is presented as a statement of income and expenses as a pension model profit and loss account in business accounting format for private companies plus a capital budget ”.

In addition, he added that “once it is homogenized to local public budgeting, it proposes a budget of income and expenses that is estimated at 72,696,229.51 euros leveled, which includes a treasury regeneration fund for investments related to works subject to royalties collected and not invested in supply and sanitation and a multi-year investment plan ”.

Thus, he clarified that the consolidated budget, after deducting the internal eliminations between the two (4,524,680.00 euros), amounts to the amount of 92,203,393.41 euros in income and expenses. Regarding the income, highlighted above the ordinary annual contributions of the joint municipalities, which represent only 4.17% of the current income of the Commonwealth and 4.16% of the total; that the global amount is maintained without prejudice to the repercussion that corresponds to each one due to the variation of their current income and their right population. Regarding the canon of Acosol SA., It is set for 2022 in the amount of 4,524,680 euros. In relation to the integral management of urban waste, an input of 350,000 tons has been estimated at the Casares plant.

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