Michelle van Gaalen, the wife of the former mayor of Mijas and PP candidate for mayor of this municipality in the next elections, Ángel Nozal, declare this wednesday in a court in Marbella for an alleged crime against property of a community of owners of Cabopino of which she is the administrator.

The Nozal woman, according to the document of the Investigating Court number 4 of Marbella, is one of those investigated in relation to a possible contest with documentary and accounting falsehood in the accounts of the aforementioned community and will do so together with its president, Gianni Fieno.

Michelle van Gaalen, an administrator by profession, took over the property management company Servicios Alcántara when her husband, the founder of the company, ran for Mayor of Mijas.

The Court understands that the facts resulting from the actions carried out “present characteristics that suggest the possible existence of a criminal offense”, for which preliminary proceedings are initiated and the Prosecutor’s Office is informed.

Van Gaalen and Fieno will have to testify before the judge in order to shed light on the nature and circumstances of such events and find out who would have participated in this alleged crime against property under the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law.

The complaint was filed by a group of owners of this urbanization, among which are relatives of the television company Aida Nizar and on whose behalf he is a person in the case, who detected a series of alleged irregularities in community accounts.

With the idea of ​​clarifying your doubts, repeatedly requested the account books from the administrator and finally they had to legally require them.

Once the denounced facts were made public, owners of other communities in Mijas and Marbella who work with Servicios Alcántara and in which Angel Nozal’s wife is an administrator, contacted the lawyer in the case, Antonio Jesús Doblas, to try to follow in the footsteps of Cabopino.

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