During the shooting that occurred early Monday morning at Opium, a nightclub in Marbella, a 32-year-old woman was injured by one of the stray bullets. She has since remained in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) until yesterday Thursday, which went to plant.

After undergoing surgery at the Costa del Sol Hospital, as she had injuries to the abdominal and pelvic areas caused by a firearm, its evolution is favorablee, as reported to this newspaper by health sources.

It should be remembered that another man of Irish nationality and 32 years He was also injured by a firearm and was admitted to the ICU. His evolution is also favorable, so he went to the plant on Wednesday. Although, he is in police custody, since, apparently, he is a friend of the young man who stabbed the alleged author of the shots – who has not yet been located or arrested.

Another of those admitted, aged 18, was wounded by a bullet in the left hip; while a fourth, 36, had a gunshot wound to the back. The condition of both was not serious and they were discharged. The same thing happened with the alleged perpetrator of the shooting, who was stabbed in the forehead, neck, back and one eye.

According to police sources, all started with a dispute between two groups of young that were in different reserved areas of Opium Beach Club. The investigations indicate that the establishment’s own security expelled one of them. Although, moments later, he managed to sneak back into the premises and stabbed the young man in the forehead, neck, back and eye, who would later take out a firearm and start shooting.

It should be remembered that there are two people in prison for their alleged involvement in this event. The alleged author of the shots and a friend of this. Both are being investigated by crimes of attempted homicide, injuries and illegal possession of weapons.

As for the third arrested, the admitted Irish citizen, is expected to go to court when he is discharged. are imputed to him the crimes of injury and concealment.

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