The works for the installation of acoustic screens in the Juan Benítez area have been awarded, with the intention of protecting that area from traffic noise from the large road infrastructures that surround it, mainly from the motorway.

The deputy mayor of the Development, Infrastructure and Tourism (FIT) area, Ana Velasco, explained that the works will be undertaken by the company Sedinfra SA, which submitted a bid with a 20 percent reduction in the base budget for the tender. Thus, the project has finally been awarded for 622,974 euros (VAT included).

The works, which will begin in the coming weeks, will have an execution period of approximately four months.

Velasco has pointed out that the Consistory has already approved the Local Government Board to declare the Juan Benítez area as a Special Acoustic Protection zone, an essential condition for the Highway Demarcation to authorize the execution of this project.

The scope of analysis has focused on the sector of developable land called UR-6 Juan Benítez, with a surface area of ​​181,537 square meters located to the northwest of Estepona. This area is bounded by the Mediterranean AP-7 motorway to the north, the Francisco Muñoz Pérez municipal stadium to the west, Juan Carlos I avenue to the south and the urban center of Estepona to the east.

According to this study, an action plan was determined to minimize the contamination detected by installing acoustic screens, one of the most common corrective measures due to its advantages and benefits. The effectiveness of these devices lies, among other issues, in the adequate length to cover the zone of influence and in the selection of a height sufficient to protect it from all audible wavelengths.

In short, the councilor has reported that once the declaration of a Special Acoustic Protection area was approved and authorization was received from the Highway Demarcation, the City Council began the process for installing acoustic screens with the aim of achieving a better quality of life for the residents who reside in this area of ​​the city, which is undergoing a great transformation since the Consistory concluded the development of the Juan Benítez sector in January 2020.

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