Work begins for the renovation of the flooring of the Church of the Incarnation. The new flooring will be made in marble, geometrically combining white with other shades. In addition, obstacles will be eliminated and accessibility in the church will be improved, according to the priest José Antonio Melgar.

The works, which have begun with the tastings, are a phase of the project that enhances the Capuchino del Llano Convent, which is carried out with the financial collaboration of the Casares City Council. An agreement of the Casares government team with the Diocese of Malaga, initiated after the rehabilitation of the façade and the bell tower, and within which the crypt has been recovered.

After the installation of the new single, the City Council allocates a budget of 63,000 euros from the agreement it has with the Hanson company that exploits the Utrera quarry.

The start of the works has been postponed until after the celebration of the Patron Saint’s Day, and they are expected to be ready for Christmas. So during this fall, the religious acts will be held in the Chapel of San Sebastián, in the Plaza de España.

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