The works of the balcony to the Mediterranean of the Costa del Sol, a project by the Malaga architect and urban planner Salvador Moreno Peralta that will be located in Estepona, They have started after months of previous work, as announced by the City Council on Tuesday. The project will create a large public space that will generate a balcony towards the sea and that will include a socio-cultural facility, shopping and restaurant area, on Avenida de España, next to the lighthouse.

The initiative, which has a budget of 14.5 million euros, will urbanize more than 15,000 square meters and will create “a new focus of tourist attraction” in the area in line with another of the key projects for the municipality, being the “Garden of the Costa del Sol”, has highlighted the Estepona Town Hall.

The construction of a sociocultural center, which includes a commercial and restaurant area, will be carried out in one of the main axes of the city and will complete the urbanization of the surroundings with the union of a privileged enclave by the sea with the city center.

On the roof of the building, a large pedestrian area and a lookout tower, a reference to a project that will be developed, basically, under the ground of one of the main avenues of the town, Avenida España.

The lookout tower, a “unique element due to its design and functionality”, will be a multipurpose space and will have library, exhibition hall, conservatory and training rooms, among others.

Several open squares and staggered parks that take advantage of the unevenness of the land and distributed between this avenue and the current promenade, complete the proposal presented by Moreno Peralta, adds the statement.

The works of the project that begins this Tuesday, are incorporated into the plan that has restricted 18 linear kilometers to road traffic of the city corresponding to 130 roads and whose objective is to develop a model of “sustainable city that is committed to quality of life,” the statement abounds.

This tourist city on the Costa del Sol has experienced, according to its Mayor, José María García Urbano (PP), “An important modernization and transformation” in the last decade and this project is heading in that direction, concludes the Town Hall.

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