The works of new institute D6 Las Lagunas de Mijas “progress at a good pace”, and its completion is scheduled for next summer, a performance that has a budget of 5,531,029 eurosas announced this Thursday by the territorial delegate for Educational Development and Vocational Training and University, Research and Innovation in Malaga, Miguel Briones.

This was highlighted by the regional official after holding a meeting at the Town Hall with the mayor of the town, Josele González, and with the Councilor for Education, María Dolores Olmedo, where he recalled that the Board is investing 20,358,710 euros in 11 actions for the creation of new centres, as well as the expansion and adaptation of municipal spaces.

Briones explained that the new institute D6 Las Lagunas de Mijas will have 6 lines of Compulsory Secondary Education, in a construction of a building of new plant on a plot of 7,358 square meters with 24 multipurpose classrooms and capacity for 720 school places that will meet the existing demand in the area.

In addition to the 24 Secondary classrooms, a library, a gymnasium, two music classrooms, another two for art and two workshops, two laboratories, ten departments and six unfolding and pedagogical reinforcement classrooms, there will be a special education classroom with its corresponding adapted toilet, an administration area, a cafeteria and an outdoor area with two sports courts, a playground, a school garden, covered porches and garden areas.

In addition, this center will have photovoltaic solar panels for the electrical energy production, in line with the objective of achieving more sustainable educational buildings and reducing their energy cost. The budget assigned to this new construction is 5,531,029 euros.

The Department of Educational Development, through the Andalusian Public Education Agency, has 10 other performances scheduled in the municipality. Among them, it is considered necessary construction of a new CEIP of type C3 with a budget of almost 5.8 million euros and which is in the drafting phase of the execution project.

On the other hand, the council projects the extension of the IES La Cala de Mijas, which will go from having 2 lines of ESO and Baccalaureate to 5 lines in each educational stage, and for which 4,120,000 euros will be invested; and the adaptation to a center of 6 lines (type D6) of the IES beacon tower, with an assigned budget of 1,630,000 euros.

Likewise, among the most outstanding actions is the extension to C2 of the CEIP Botanical Garden, for a value of 2,600,000 euros, and which is currently in the construction contracting phase. In this same center and in the CEIP Indira Gandhi there will be the adaptation of both kitchens to on-site management with a budget of 26,523 and 15,618 euros, respectively.

On the other hand, and again in the CEIP Indira Gandhi, the expansion of 4 classrooms for a value of 300,000 euros was completed during the month of October. Lastly, in the CEIP Los Campanalesand in the drafting phase of the execution project, an action consisting of the elimination of architectural barriers (150,000 euros) is planned.

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