The works of new building of the Town Hall of Estepona continue their development and exceed 70% of their execution, a construction will reinforce the transformation and modernization of the urban center and that will have in the basement a car park with 132 spacesas reported this Friday by the deputy mayor of the Mayor’s Office, Juan Manuel Ros.

The municipal manager has pointed out that the most outstanding thing that this work hosts at the moment is the installation of frame structure, which will serve to anchor the exterior latticework that will cover the façade, and which will mean a significant change in the image of the building.

In addition, the councilor has reported that it has already been finished the execution of the curtain wall of the enclosureas well as the interior division of the different spaces where the staff workstations will be located.

He has also indicated that in a short time the installation of the networks corresponding to the air conditioning installations and the rest of the building’s services. Likewise, work on the application of interior coating treatments, both on the ceilings and on the floors, is well advanced.

The municipal official has stated that this construction will reinforce the transformation and modernization of the urban centerat the same time that it will mean the unification of the municipal dependencies, it will facilitate the internal management of material and personal resources and will improve the service, the comfort and the attention to the citizens.

This building for administrative use will consist of 13,246 square meters, of which 9,392 will be built above ground, including the ground floor plus another seven (same height as the adjoining building) and 3,917 square meters will be below ground, contemplating a mezzanine and a basement intended to car park with capacity for 132 spaceswhich will have the same payment system of one euro a day for the user.

In the ground floor will establish the uses of greater public concurrencewith the hall of access, reception, general registration and technical assistance in an open space that will allow access to the different departments and that will connect with the rest of the building.

In the The first floor will house the Plenary Hall, giving it a multifunctional character, capable of hosting different uses. The upper body will house the different delegations that make up the City Council.

Lightness, transparency and permeability These are the three qualities that define the lattice of the envelope chosen for the building, which provides a controlled luminosity through different degrees of opacity of the die-cut design and which achieves integration into the urban landscape, Ros pointed out.

Within the line of continuous improvement and rationalization of uses that characterizes the municipal government, the new City Hall building will be an environmental benchmark For the city. The property has an accessible and sustainable design of equipment, in which energy efficiency has been one of the properties, thus providing it with the highest levels of energy savings through renewable sources and bioclimatic solutions.

This new property is located in the heart of the city, in the Central Park area, a connection point between the historic center and the extension of the urban center. In this way, it will be integrated into this environment, giving thanks to its design a character of modernity to this consolidated and central area of ​​the city.

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