The construction works of second public car park with the pioneer system of 1 euro per day of cost for the user, they are in their final stretch, an infrastructure that will have 500 parking spaces in the Plaza del Ajedrez in Esteponaaccording to what the deputy mayor of the Presidency area, Juan Manuel Ros, advanced this Tuesday.

The municipal official has indicated that in the absence of finalize the final details of the structure which completes the volume of parkingthe work is currently focused on the installations of parking interior fittingscirculations and other necessary services.

At the same time, it is addressing exterior urbanization of the upper square of the parking, that with its different landscaping areas and finishing preparation It will mean the total conclusion of the works, as explained by Ros.

This project, which is being developed in the surroundings of the Plaza del Ajedrez, will have a total of 500 parking spaces; 243 in rotation and 257 owned for residents of the city.

East parking joins the pioneering project launched by the City Council to facilitate parking for citizens with a network of car parks with a cost of 1 euro per day for the user; At the same time, valuable social work is carried out, since these facilities are managed by the Association for People with Functional Diversity of Estepona (Aprona), thus favoring the labor integration of this group from the City Council. This network of car parks has in its entirety more than 1,250 spaces located in the central Antonia Guerrero square, San Lorenzo avenue and the Athletics Stadium.

On the other hand, among the actions that are being undertaken with this project is the comprehensive remodeling of the adjoining streets Mallorca, Menorca and Francisco Gutiérrez. In addition, it will be beautification of the surface of the square and the garden areasthe improvements in the sanitation network with a new sewage and rainwater collector, the replacement of deteriorated elements in the supply network of water, a new public lighting network, the repair and replacement of electricity services, as well as improvements in telecommunications infrastructure.

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