The San Pedro Alcántara Fair and Festivities returns in October. Of course, in a very different way. It will be reinvented this year, due to the current health situation, to guarantee the safety of visitors and will focus activities on three outdoor spaces: the Church Square, the Bulevar amphitheater and the El Cielo area, where an enclosure for attractions will be located.

This was announced today by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, who has reported on the program of the celebrations in honor of the Sampedreño pattern, which will take place from October 15 to 19, accompanied by the deputy mayor, Javier García, and the general director of Cultural, Tourism and Events Promotion, Rubén Sánchez. “Even though the current incidence figures are low, the virus still exists”, Highlighted the first mayor, who stated that“ prudence and common sense have marked decision-making, always in consensus with the brotherhood and with the hospitality sector”.

“The objective is that we can all enjoy safe parties where we can share and celebrate,” said Muñoz, while advancing that, through a municipal party, the live music, in a small format, to catering establishments. “We want there to be a festive atmosphere and that the local economic sector, which has been suffering the consequences of the pandemic for two years, can have a rebound in its income these days,” said the mayor, who has emphasized that also the streets will be decked out to contribute to this celebration around the Patron: “Obviously we will have to see the circumstances how they evolve between now and October because unfortunately everything can change from one day to the next”.

As for the program of events, while the Brotherhood of San Pedro de Alcántara will organize the liturgical activities, the municipal activity will revolve around three open points that, according to Ángeles Muñoz, have guarantees where other events have been held in these months: “We know very well what the logistics are in the current situation.” Specifically, in El Cielo will be located an amusement site, with a set schedule, “To give an alternative to the little ones and young people, similar to the one that took place this summer.” For his part, he pointed out that the Plaza de la Iglesia and the Boulevard Sampedreño “will be closely linked to local talent.”

In the church square the performances of the city’s dance academies, which he thanked for their support and collaboration, and concerts by local artists such as Juan Alcántara, Marta Álvarez, Sonocay or Antonio Arcos, among others, as well as other singers of recognized projection. “They are not going to be large concerts or formats because we have to be aware of the current reality,” explained the mayor, who noted that a special program is also being finalized for the elderly “with all sanitary guarantees” and that the most children will be able to enjoy parades and entertainment shows.

We would have liked to have a great fair in San Pedro, which is what we all expected since last year, but this is an intermediate point waiting for us to return to normality ”, has argued the councilor, who thanked Antonio Serrano and Celso Peñas for their collaboration to put an image to the celebrations with the poster that has been officially presented today.

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