they look for Esteban Moreno Cabralesa man of 72 years old who has lost track this Tuesday June 13 in the municipality of Marbella. Nobody knows anything about the whereabouts of this elderly individual, who is highly vulnerable, since he suffers from Alzheimer’s.

The organization SOS Desaparecidos has launched an alert disappearance with his photograph so that any citizen who may have seen him can provide information that allows him to find his whereabouts. According to the description provided by the association, Esteban has gray hair and is partially bald; he has the eyes dark; He is 1.60 meters tall and has a slim build. In addition, they report that she wears prescription glasses.

The disappeared, from Cubawas from vacation in some tourist apartments in Marbella with his family. Around 7:00 a.m., his companions realized that Esteban was not in the building. They estimate that he was able to leave around 2:00 in the morning. They immediately raised the alarm and both the National Police and the Local Police have already established a device to try to locate it.

In the event that someone has seen it or finds it, the association makes two telephone numbers available: 649 952 957 and 617 126 909 to give notice. You can also call the number 112 of the Emergency service or get in touch via email at

This Tuesday, the National Police has located to the 52-year-old writer Sara García Perate, who lost track on April 17 when he left with his car from Marbella to Madridin what the agents have considered a voluntary disappearance.

The woman’s son reported the case to the Marbella National Police on April 24 after not having news of his whereabouts days after receiving a wasap from the writer stating that he was going to Madrid to resolve some personal matters. 57 days after his departure, SOS Missing has disabled this tuesday the alert for the disappearance of Sara García Perate, as published by the association itself on social networks.

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