The Local Police of the Malaga municipality of Torremolinos has arrested a man as the alleged perpetrator of a theft since, apparently, he stole a briefcase from inside a vehicle.

Members of the LIMA Unit, who were carrying out work to protect citizen security and crime prevention, learned that two people had gone to the Torremolinos Local Police Headquarters to report that several personal belongings had been stolen from them. inside a vehicle, formulating the corresponding complaint.

After receiving this information, the agents went to the scene to view the cameras of a nearby establishment where they could see that an individual, known to be the perpetrator of other theft crimes in the area, opened the victims’ vehicle and extracted inside a black briefcase, the City Council has indicated in a statement.

After carrying out several raids in the surroundings, in collaboration with other uniformed units that were carrying out their duties at that time, they identified the person involved after he made a fleeing maneuver while walking with a bag in his hand, carrying at the time of A fanny pack inside which more than 10,000 euros in cash and a mobile phone were found.

The police interrogated him to ask him about the origin of the belongings he was carrying in his fanny pack and about the bag he was carrying moments before and that he no longer had, but the individual showed an uncooperative attitude.

Subsequently, the agents located the aforementioned bag, inside which they identified the clothing that the subject was wearing at the time of the commission of the act, having changed it before the police action.

As they led the individual to the police vehicle, he stated that he was going to collaborate, leading them to the place where he had deposited the black briefcase, inside which there was a mobile phone, two passports and a bracelet. Given all this, the agents proceeded to arrest the man after informing him of his rights and the reasons for his arrest.

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