The National Police has arrested in Estepona two men, aged 36 and 37, for his alleged involvement in two robberies. The suspects, who have extensive records for crimes of the same nature, held up a pharmacy and a bus at gunpoint.

In the assault on the pharmacy, they seized a loot of 15,000 euros and in the case of the bus, they did not manage to steal anything due to the actions of the driver who prevented them from achieving their goalthe National Police has indicated in a statement.

In both cases, the suspects threatened victims with a firearm and demanded the collection. In a house record the agents seized part of the clothing worn by one of the perpetrators. The judicial authority has ordered the entry into prison of the principal investigated.

The first event took place on June 9 in a pharmacy in the town of Estepona. Two hooded men burst into it, wearing clothes to hide the face and body, and wielding a weapon each, they threatened the workers at the same time that they demanded the delivery of the money from the collection.

Faced with the impossibility of extracting the money from inside the box, the robbers ripped it off and took it by force. The amount stolen amounts to 15,000 euros, plus 25,000 euros, which is the value of the damage caused.

This was the robbery of the regular bus with passengers

Four days later, another violent robbery was committed using a firearm. On this occasion, the event occurred inside a bus on the line that connects Estepona-Marbella.

The transport was full of passengers when, at a stop, two people got on and, after threatening the driver with a gun, demanded the money from the collection. This time they don’t get the loot and they left the place before the arrival of the police.

The investigators began an investigation to clarify both facts that, due to the evidence obtained and the modus operandi, it was considered that the alleged perpetrators would be the same in both cases.

The device developed allowed the identification of the authors, resulting in the location and arrest of two well-known local criminals, 36 and 37 years old, for their alleged involvement in two crimes of robbery with violence.

In one of the house searches of the detainees, various items of clothing that one of them was carrying during the robberies of the pharmacy and the bus.

The court on duty, after taking a statement from the detainees, decreed the imprisonment of the principal investigatedmaterial author of both robberies.

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