Two men face one 29 year global tax petition prison for trying to assassinate another who was shot due to old problems between families in the Malaga town of Marbella.

The assassination attempt occurred on August 6, 2021 when the defendants, by mutual agreement and moved by these problems between families, decided to end the life of the victim and for this They fired at him repeatedly with small arms.according to the prosecutor’s brief, to which Efe has had access.

The victim at the time of the shots was inside his car and the shots hit his jaw, with the consequent danger to his life.

As a result, he suffered several injuries and spent a total of fourteen days in the hospital, three of them in the ICU, and he needed 233 days to heal.

The prosecutor considers that the facts constitute a crime of attempted murder, for which he requests for each of them a sentence of 13 years in prison; and another for illegal weapons attempt and they are asked for 18 years in prison.

In addition, it is urged that a ban on approaching the victim at a distance of less than 500 meters and communicating with him be imposed for ten years.

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